An international, fun, social choir on campus!

Are you interested in singing in an international, fun, social choir? 

Then the Campus Choir is the place for you! 


At all our rehearsals, you're very welcome to come and see whether the Campus Choir, or singing in general is something for you.
Whether you've only sung in the shower, or have been a choir singer for years, everyone is welcome! 


Rehearsals are Mondays, at 20:00 (walk-in from 19:45), in the Student Chaplaincy, Erasmuslaan 9a.

Willibrord showing us funny singing exercises

The choir

That's us!

Campuskoor Veelstemmig - in short: the Campus Choir - welcomes students, PhD candidates, juniors, and other singers who fit in between, to join. We sing unaccompanied multi-part choir music from different genres. Much of it is written or arranged by our very talented conductor Willibrord Huisman. The primary aim of the rehearsals is to sing with pleasure and meet others.


De lastpost: Our biggest performance

Yearly, in the week before Easter we perform the new passion De lastpost
The passion is written to be performed anywhere - almost flashmob style on the Erasmus-EOS bridge steps, on the dizzying heights of the HAN I/O glass balconies, in three languages in the university concert hall, C, or a small intimate performance in the Student Chaplaincy. 

Smaller, more intimate performances

In addition to De lastpost, we also perform in smaller, more intimate performances, as the yearly University Remembrance, or at a residential care home. We also collaborate with CODC movie night to sing live music at the showing of a movie, sing at fun Christmas Drinks, and at cultural events across Nijmegen.

Picture from the performance De lastpost

Us watching a movie in the student church


Always free drinks and snacks!!!

After the rehearsal you can join us to have a beer or a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks. It's a nice opportunity to get to know the other choir members and to have a relaxed evening.


Sometimes we meet as well for nice activities like watching a movie, singing together or playing games. You never have to join, but its always fun to do so!

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Student Chaplaincy (Erasmuslaan 9a)



Every Monday, 20:00-21:30, drinks after